How Detroit is Using Open Access to Solve the Digital Divide

May 24 – 2:00 pm to 2:45 pm
Grays Peak 2


Christopher Mitchell

Institute for Local Self-Reliance: Director of Community Broadband Networks

The COVID-19 pandemic represents a watershed moment for digital access policy by furnishing incontrovertible proof that digital access is an imperative for modern societal success. There is public support, empirical evidence, and available funding to implement publicly owned open access digital infrastructures.

  • Why and how are public institutions effectively separating their digital infrastructure from services?
  • What are the economics and can they really solve the divide?
  • What are the steps to planning and implementing a successful solution?

Attend this session to learn how Detroit and other metro areas are using open access and public models to change the paradigm for digital access.


Joshua Edmonds

City of Detroit: Director of Digital Inclusion

Bruce Patterson

EntryPoint: Director of Solution Services