Facilitating Fiber in Nebraska

May 24 – 11:00 am to 11:45 am

Public-private partnerships offer a valuable blueprint for improving rural connectivity. However, direct involvement in broadband expansion is an unprecedented and often daunting responsibility for many county governments. Developing partnerships between counties and providers requires a holistic consideration of local needs, network technologies and capabilities, and state and federal funding guidelines. Regional economic development organizations are well-positioned to serve as intermediaries in this process. Using Nextlink Internet and Gage County, Nebraska as a case study for hybrid Fiber/FWA deployments to rapidly deliver county-wide ubiquitous results. This session will address how regional economic development organizations can facilitate the formation of partnerships between internet service providers and counties.

Session Slides


Bill Baker

Nextlink Internet: Chief Executive Officer/Owner

Oliver Borchers-Williams

Nebraska: AmeriCorps Lead, Southeast Nebraska Development District