Evaluating the True Cost and Value of Open Access Broadband

August 6 – 3:30 pm to 4:15 pm
Plaza Court 8


Brian Hollister

CEO and Co-Founder at Bonfire Infrastructure Group

Join us for a dynamic discussion and debate on the future of broadband connectivity, hosted by Brian Hollister, CEO of Bonfire. This panel will debate and challenge your assumptions around broadband investment, network ownership, policy and public perception of the digital equity movement. 

Discussion Areas:  

  • Economic Impact and Infrastructure Investment: Discuss the economic realities and investment capacities of both models (public and private). 
  • Equity and Access: Should broadband be considered a public utility to ensure universal access, like water or electricity, and who should be leading, implementing, owning and managing those networks. 
  • Regulatory Frameworks and Policy Making: What policies are working and which ones are hindering. 
  • Media Influence and Public Perception: Is media, politics, and community perception actually hurting or helping the speed of broadband initiatives.


Angela Bennink

Kitsap Public Utility District: General Manager and AAPB Board Chair

Russell Elliott

Siskiyou Telephone Company: CEO

Jeff Engman

Southern Ute Shared Services: Chief Information Officer

Dennis Pappas

NextLight (Longmont): Director