Opening Keynote: Future Living – Future Communities: Leveraging the Coming Waves of Disruption and Opportunity to Plan for a Better Tomorrow

June 25th – 8:30 am to 9:30 am
Colorado Rockies Ballroom

We are approaching the intersection of smart cities and circular economies where everything physical is mapped digitally and our communities develop far more efficient systems. Our current use-once-and-throw-away lifestyles are about to be transformed.

Smart cities are learning to collaborate with other smart cities, and as we combine information from people, IoT devices, drones, cars, and city sensors, we will begin to develop truly actionable and life-saving intelligence. From the labs, to the factories, to the marketplace, every new level of efficiency matters.

At the same time, we will see hundreds of thousands of new micro industries spring to life, with many attempting to solve today’s biggest problems, but also finding how challenging our current business world can be when they challenge the status quo.

Emerging technologies are quickly setting the stage for a vastly different class of worker, planner, entertainer, service worker, elected official, and business owner.

Old skills disappear while new ones take center stage. As example, we no longer need to understand map legends, party lines, how to apply brakes on a horse-drawn carriage, read electrical meters, or use a toll booth. The vast majority of us will never have to learn how to shoe-a-horse, milk a cow, treat animal bites, tan a hide, shovel coal, or pasteurize milk.

The demands of life are changing, and so are the futures of virtually every profession. We are entering a brave new world that is both exciting and scary at the same time.

Join Futurist Thomas Frey as he takes the audience on a journey into the future that few are likely to forget.