“Data Sold Separately?” – Overcoming Data Shortfalls to Develop an Evergreen Approach to Network Design

October 27 – 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm


Bob Knight

Harrison Edwards: Executive VP & COO

What’s the biggest challenge to adopting a data-driven approach to network design? Often it’s the data itself — or the lack thereof. In 10 years of working on FTTx networks around the world, Biarri Networks has found that often the biggest barrier to adopting a replicable, consistent approach to network design is the perceived input data gap. Join Paul Sulisz, President of Engineering at Biarri Networks, as he shares insights from data-based broadband and fiber network projects that consistently shorten the timelines to construction while keeping expenses to a minimum.

In this session, you will learn:
How to develop a replicable, evergreen approach to FTTx design projects
Which pieces of data are the fundamentals that you can’t live without and how to get them
How to build a multi-party approach from network planning to design and construction with a single source of truth and a unified master plan
How to develop a system that tracks network design projects from planning to construction
When to consider a machine-led or auto-design solution to understanding the data you have


Paul Sulisz

Biarri Networks, President of Engineering