How Innovation is Accelerating Rural Fiber and Wireless Network Rollouts 

October 27 – 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm

As pandemic-related demand and rural broadband investment reach an all-time high, the obligation is on broadband providers to identify all available efficiencies, including advances in technology to accelerate network rollouts.Attempting to achieve this without innovation will likely result in less than ideal results. In this session, we explore the significant role a digital, data-driven approach to building this essential infrastructure will play in connecting underserved communities faster.Key highlights include:

  • Four innovation opportunities to streamline deployment and mitigate delivery risk
  • The role of geospatial technology and digital workflows in significantly reducing project duration and cost.
  • How to optimize your network build strategy and delivery in line with RDOF and CAF II funding.


Sam Pratt

Render Networks: CEO

Frank DeJoy

Render Networks: VP Network Deployment