Colorado Broadband Deployment Fund: History, Accomplishments and Future

October 26 – 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm

Access to broadband service has a strong correlation with economic development and well-being. The Broadband Fund exists to connect communities with providers and cooperatives, and fuel economic growth in rural and isolated areas across Colorado. There has always been a need for broadband service in rural areas; however, recent events have exposed the lack of availability to some of the more vulnerable parts of this state.

The Broadband Fund works with the Broadband Deployment Board to mitigate these disparities of access through its disbursement of grant funds in competitive grant cycles. It is a unique funding opportunity for eligible applicants to bring last-mile connectivity to isolated areas and enhance the lives of Coloradans.

The small but mighty Broadband Fund is there to provide the Broadband Deployment Board with guidance, information and support that will help ensure the best equitable funding outcomes that will contribute to resolving the digital divide. In addition, the Broadband Fund aims to regularly engage with the public and stakeholders by keeping them apprised of activities through information sharing and public engagement with an emphasis on transparency.

Since 2016, the Broadband Deployment Board has awarded $34.1 million in grants to 43 projects. As a result, over 21,473 rural households across Colorado will benefit from Broadband Internet access.

The Broadband Fund is having an impact on thousands of Coloradoans across the state by supporting projects that provide residents of rural areas the opportunity to access services and resources to enhance their economic and civic lives.


Brian Martin

Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, Acting Broadband Fund & Deployment Director

Stephen Gould

CO Department of Regulatory Agencies: Grants Specialist Broadband Fund