Broadband, The Law, and Digital Rights

May 25 – 8:00 am to 9:00 am
Colorado Rockies Ballroom

Once a niche area of interest, technology policy increasingly dominates headlines and political debates. The new infrastructure bill allocates $65 billion to broadband improvements, including measures to address the digital divide in rural and other underserved areas. States like California and Colorado have passed their own privacy laws, and state attorneys general, including Weiser, are suing to rein in the monopolistic behavior of Big Tech. Meanwhile, cities small and large are grappling with dilemmas presented by technology procurement, algorithms that can lead to discrimination in the delivery of services, and how to store data without compromising rights. In this keynote fireside chat, tech policy expert and director of Ranking Digital Rights Jessica Dheere will speak with Colorado attorney general and Silicon Flatirons founder Phil Weiser about recent developments and what they say about the role that technology and internet policy should play in ensuring that technology is a net positive for information societies, people’s human and civil rights, and democracy writ large.


Jessica Dheere

Ranking Digital Rights: Director

Phil Weiser

State of Colorado: Attorney General