Broadband as an Essential Service Requires a Service-Oriented Approach

October 27 – 2:30 pm to 3:00 pm

Service-oriented broadband operations is a transformation of the broadband service provider operational dynamic – expanding the subscriber centric model to include real time service data as the key to providing exceptional customer experience.  The traditional revenue-driven approach of subscriber management is insufficient in light of the necessity for broadband that can support new uses like remote education and telehealth. When viewed as an essential service like power, water, and sewer, the broadband customer experience must center around service quality and assurance.  In this discussion, we will present how leading service providers have:

  • Modified operations and support to align with customer expectations
  • Challenged traditional network designs
  • Restructured internal operations to treat broadband as an essential service



Jeff Boozer

ETI Software: Market Development Strategy, Utility and Municipal Sector