Are We Really Prepared to Meet Future Technology Application Demands?

August 10 – 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm
Colorado Rockies Ballroom


Frannie Matthews

Colorado Technology Association (CTA)

This keynote will focus on the impending consumer technology applications and their impact to how we design, build and deliver broadband services.  If we learned anything from the COVID-19 pandemic, it was that we were challenged to meet the demands of a work and educate from home environment.  Furthermore, this also raised questions about how we define broadband speeds as well as how important symmetrical speeds are becoming.

Emerging technology applications like Extended Reality, 8K+ Video, 8K+ Cloud Gaming, Immersive Teleconferencing, Diagnostic Healthcare, etc., will have a profound impact on how we define broadband as a country.  Furthermore, low latency, symmetrical speeds will not be a luxury but a standard requirement for aggregate use of these technologies.




Rob Tiffany

Ericsson One: CEO

Kimberly McKinley

UTOPIA: Chief Marketing Officer

Deb Simpier

Althea: CEO & Founder

Camilla Formica

NCTI: Chief Revenue Officer, Minority Owner