3GPP 5G and Broadband Expansion

August 7 – 3:15 pm to 4:00 pm
Plaza Court 2/3

Consumers and network operators can certainly be forgiven for viewing 5G cellular as simply a few incremental changes to cell tower radios and handheld communications devices. After all, national mobile operators have been advertising 5G coverage since 2019. If you want 5G, you can just go down to your local retailer and buy it, right?

The truth is significantly different. 3GPP 5G specifications are an umbrella for a large and diverse portfolio of technologies impacting access, middle mile, and core networks. Although they are far from perfect, together the specifications are a roadmap for future network capabilities required to support the next generation of commercial products and government services. This roadmap impacts economies and leads into 2030 and beyond.

What is 5G anyway, and why is it relevant for broadband expansion? In this session, Daniel Kibler will present an overview of 3GPP 5G specifications, the importance of access networks, and why federal funding applications leveraging 5G are more successful.


Daniel Kibler

Leading Path: Senior Technical Consultant and 5G Practice Leader