Network Program Manager, Colorado Telehealth Network

Randy is a seasoned technology and telecom veteran with broad experience. Most recently, he has been assisting health care providers in obtaining federal subsidies under the FCC’s Rural Healthcare Program via a contract with the Colorado Telehealth Network (CTN). CTN further works with local governments and regional initiatives to align anchor institutions as first builds to use available federal subsidies as part of the project funding. Outside of CTN’s contract, Randy also works with local governments around Colorado to identify and eliminate wasteful spending in their telecom environments.

Randy has a technology background along with telecom working for companies like Qwest, IQ Wired, USInternetworking, Electronic Data Systems, Chicago Consulting Partners, and his own company Rand Communications. His emphasis on business development and strategic partnerships has given him a strong background to organize and manage the diverse stake holders necessary to pull FCC applications together.

Randy has an MBA from Baylor University and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management from Purdue University.