Director of Sales & Marketing, Radwin

Les Sparrey has been in the technology field since 1983 and has been involved with the Internet Service Provider market since its beginning.  He began his career as with a VAR in the Chicago area selling desktop computing to enterprise clients.  In 1987 Les was recruited by Cambridge, MA based Shiva Corporation, a start-up and moved to Silicon Valley.  Shiva was the pioneer in the early 1990’s that developed ‘remote access’ which then was better known as “Telecommuting” which was the beginning of remotely having complete access to your enterprise network resources.  The internet took off shortly afterwards and Les was recruited to Ascend Communication, which pioneer High Capacity remote access concentrators which kicked-off the Internet Service Provider market.  Ascend provided concentrators to companies such as Earthlink, America Online, CompuServe and many others which started the internet explosion.

In 2001, Les made the transition from ‘wire-line’ to wireless with leaders such as Aviat, Alvarion, PureWave Networks and now RADWIN.  Today RADWIN is a leader in high capacity wireless equipment delivering 3Gbps on a single ring to leading Tier 1, 2 and 3 Carriers.  Other vertical markets worldwide for RADWIN are Mining, Utilities and High Speed Rail for customers such as Amtrak, BART (in San Francisco) UTA (Utah Transit Authority) and Moscow Metro at train speeds of 100 mph and delivering over 500Mbps to the train.