Founder, President, & CEO, Magellan Advisors

Founder, President & CEO of Magellan Advisors. John founded Magellan Advisors in 2004 as he realized that the expansion of disruptive Internet technologies would change the way organizations planned, built, operated, financed and managed their networks. John's decade of prior management experience with Columbus Networks, who was recently acquired by Cable and Wireless for $3 billion, included building and managing international broadband networks across 20 countries and connecting millions of subscribers. This experience helped him craft the premise that rapid technological change would require rapid industry change.

He realized that the US market needed to rethink the way that telecommunications networks were traditionally deployed as providers and communities demanded faster, better and cheaper broadband. Magellan's core mission over the past 12 years has been to assist communities, governments and providers adapt to this change by deploying next-generation broadband networks that transform local markets, economically, socially and competitively.

Under John's leadership, Magellan has grown to more than 250 public and private sector clients, successfully closed over $1 billion of new broadband investments and managed deployment of new broadband networks in over 50 cities in the US. John has been responsible for the company's overall strategy, portfolio of services and business operations.