Director of Information Technology, Spanish Fork, UT

John Bowcut has been in the computer industry for over 30 years.  He has been the director of the Spanish Fork Community Network (SFCN) since its inception and has been instrumental in designing, building and operating the most successful municipal broadband network in Utah. The network is fully owned and operated by the City of Spanish Fork and continues to be a profitable utility that contributes to the general fund each year.

John and his staff have launched an aggressive Fiber-To-The-Home conversion and are a quarter of the way through the upgrade.  The new system is a state of the art active Ethernet fiber network that is installed parallel to the existing Hybrid Fiber Coax Network. Cable television services will remain on the existing HFC, while data and voice service are migrated to the fiber network.

The project was designed in-house using cost effective components that allow SFCN to upgrade to fiber without raising residential prices or charging for installation while only using existing SFCN revenue funds for the buildout.

John is an avid programmer and has written most of the applications used by SFCN for customer tracking and control, reporting, and diagnostics.