President, Lookout Point Communications

Eric Lampland has been President of Lookout Point Communications, an independent consultancy, since 1997. Lookout Point provides key specialty disciplines to address feasibility, operations, network design, component design, funding and legal aspects that arise during network infrastructure evaluations and implementations. Lookout Point also delivers telecommunications consulting and acts as an advisor to vendors, investors and companies on technology trends, industry analysis, product suitability and marketing.

Eric has been a network architect for almost 40 years and an active member of several international standards forums including the IETF, IEEE, MEF and ATM Forum(s) making contributions to today’s architectures and protocols. He has worked with over 200 public utilities and municipalities. Recent projects have focused in regional aggregations leveraging the newest and disruptive SDN/NFV emergent technologies advantaging transport aggregation and shared service level infrastructures. He is still learning.