Founder & CEO, Sherpa Fiber

Allen Meyer is co-founder and CEO of Sherpa Fiber LLC, a company dedicated to bringing high speed broadband services to communities across the United States. Sherpa Fiber is actively researching municipalities where it will build, own, and operate open network fiber networks that are then leased to city and county governments and wholesale providers. The goal of Sherpa Fiber's model is to reduce the cost of entry into new markets for wholesale providers so these companies can increase revenue more quickly and cost-effectively while simultaneously increasing the service and provider choices for community businesses and residents.

Allen’s career in telecommunications spans more than 25 years back to the early days of cellular and paging systems and T1 data lines. Throughout this time, he has worked in various roles and actively worked with new technologies that continue to evolve. Prior to launching Sherpa Fiber, Allen most recently served as a key member of a telecom engineering firm working closely with dozens of carriers including a very large and visible initiative to deploy Gigabit to the Home networks to communities in multiple markets around the country.