2017 Broadband 101

Dr. David Reed returns to facilitate our Broadband 101 Class on Monday May 22, 2017!  This class is consistently sold out so reserve your seat now!

Broadband 101 Session – Forecasting the Wireless Future

This pre-conference session will cover key elements of timely broadband networking developments that all industry managers, public policy and government decision makers need to know. This year’s session includes new material providing a comparative look at existing popular wireless access broadband network options such as LTE and Wi-Fi, but also including a look at new balloon and satellite-based solutions to deliver broadband to both remote and urban settings. Network security issues and approaches to protect the emerging Internet of Things will also be covered. The session is geared to all levels of technical expertise using straightforward, non-technical language.

Learning Objectives – After this session, you should be able to:

  • Be able to describe the different wireless access network options, their costs and their strengths and weaknesses in carrying broadband services
  • Understand backhaul strategies to support the strong forecasted growth in wireless broadband traffic
  • Be able to explain the potentially new economic equations for broadband access being pursued by new stratospheric options for broadband such as balloons, unmanned aerial vehicles and new satellite-based broadband approaches
  • Comprehend future trends in broadband network security and the prospects for protecting emerging Internet of Things devices

Session Outline (4-hours duration)

Section I: Future Trends in Wireless Broadband Networks (first two hours)

  • Comparing LTE, Wi-Fi, WiMax and White Spaces Options
  • Finding Capacity for Future Wireless Growth: The Economics of Backhaul Using Small Cells
  • Balloons and UAVs: Realistic Option for Broadband?

Coffee Break (20 minutes)

Section II: Future Trends and Prospects for Broadband (third hour)

  • Expanding the Coverage Gap Provided by Satellite Broadband: New Options and Proposals
  • Implications for Universal Service

Section III: Future Trends and Prospects for Broadband (fourth hour)

  • The Proliferation of Cyber Attacks: Implications for Broadband Network Security
  • Securing the Internet of Things