2016 Video Recorded Sessions

Monday Morning Fireside Chat 
Fireside Keynote:
The Broadband Universal Service Agenda: Opportunities and Challenges
Moderator: Phil Weiser: Silicon Flatirons, Ryan Palmer, FCC

Everything you Ever Wanted to Know about the IoT Universe
Rob Tiffany, Microsoft
Take a journey through the entire Internet of Things ecosystem from devices to analytics to visualizations. You’ll learn how all the components fit together so you can transform your business by turning insights into action.

Tuesday Keynote, The Impact of Open Access
Mike Lee, First Solutions
With any discussion around municipal broadband networks, there’s inevitably a heated debate about the definition of “Open Access”. There is no legal or industry standard definition and so it is often left to the interpretation of the audience. Existing incumbents claim that Open Access already exists. They argue that customers can get competing services today from any number of application providers. However competitors counter that the lack of choice in broadband providers is tantamount to a monopoly. They rail against the cost of infrastructure which creates a barrier to entry and decry the logic of overbuilding existing infrastructure – their answer to the issue being deregulation of broadband facilities. This session will explore the network design differences between these opposing perspectives and review the differences between physical/logical/application separation strategies as well as the impacts to network operations, the customer experience, and long-term planning.

Open Access Debate
Moderator: Ken Fellman: Kissenger & Fellman PC, Panelists:
Kevin Padrick: Symmetrical Networks, Nick Hann: Macquarie Capital, Roger Timmerman: Utopia, Matt Larsen: Vistabeam

Additional sessions were broadcast on Periscope. If you would like to view these replays, click here>>